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Budgeting for your Wedding

You have started planning what will be the most exciting and memorable day of your lives, but have you considered how much it will cost and who is going to pay for it?

Few of us are privileged enough to have a money tree at the bottom of the garden and therefore must carefully plan how our weddings will be paid for. Agreeing a maximum budget and using a Budget Planner before you start spending is a great way of keeping on track with your finances and calculating the overall wedding cost. This also prevents you from over committing yourself and starting married life with financial debts.

Budget planner
Budget Planner

There are a few things you should do when creating your planner:

  • Create a list of all wedding expenditures (everything from rings to confetti)
  • Allocate all items in your list a maximum cost you are willing to pay, so the total of all items add up to the maximum budget.
  • Decide and write down who will pay for each item.
  • Write down what you will actually be charged for the item.
  • Account for all wedding expenses (deposits and final balance payments). This will enable you to keep an accurate record of your financial position and make adjustments accordingly.

To help you with this excitingweddings has created its own Wedding Budget Planner for you to print out.

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