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Why have an Exciting Wedding?

Modern weddings are beginning to take on my different shapes, with active couple starting to incorporate an element of fun into their special day. In a nut shell an exciting wedding is a wedding that's out of the ordinary, a bit of an adventure that gets the pulse rate rising at the thought of it. It may be an extreme physically challenge or a remote experience, the weddings options are as individual as the couples being married.

Sunset wedding

Why do people have exciting weddings?.....

Many couples are disinterested in the traditional religious church wedding. Opting for an exciting wedding gives them an opportunity to express themselves and start married life doing something they enjoy. An exciting wedding give the couple the freedom to decide exactly where they are going to exchange vows (well, in almost every case, lets face it, if your are free falling at over 150mph you won't be able to choose the exact point to exchange vows).

Exciting weddings are not just for those couples who are the life and soul of the party, they can also easily be tailor made for the quieter couple who like to sit alone sharing their own company. Your wedding should be very personal and meaningful to you. You may have met the love of your life while trekking in Peru or you both might have started a new activity together and want to focus on the happy times by having a wedding ceremony while participating in that activity.

Is an exciting wedding for me?.......

Before deciding to have an exciting wedding there is really only one question you should ask yourself; Do I really want to do something a bit different other than walk down a church isle? if the answer to this is 'Yes' then an exciting wedding could be for you. Your exciting wedding could be as simple as escaping to Gretna Green or as extravagant as exchanging vows at Everest base camp.....almost anything is possible, it just depends how adventurous you want to be. After all it is your special day.

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