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Why marry abroad?

Having a traditional church wedding and inviting everybody you've ever known is on a spiraling downwards trend. For example, statistics produced by the British National Statistics Office show that within the UK weddings are generally on the decline. This is mirrored throughout the Western world. However there has been a slight increase in the percentage of couples getting married since the September 11th attacks, but this is predicted to be a phase, not a reversal of trends.

For those who choose to marry, weddings are reflecting the modern way of life are are taking many new and different shapes. Approximately 500,000 American couples married last year held their wedding abroad. This is mainly due to couples now looking for more intimate venues where the focus is on them, not who has been invited or how big the cake is.

Blue lagoon
British weather

The dream of walking along a sun drenched, white powder sand beach, arm in arm with warm crystal blue tropical water lapping at the feet is what lures couples to honeymoon abroad. Now many couples are also seeing the economic sense of marrying abroad as it mostly works out less expensive than a wedding in their own country.

The beauty of a wedding abroad is that it can be what ever you want it to be. Whether you want to explore your spiritual side and embrace new cultures, relax and be pampered, push yourself to the limit with physical challenges or a mixture of all three, getting married abroad puts you very much in control of building the prefect day from which unforgettable happy memories will stem.

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